INVENIO seeks to be a truly professional firm helping clients achieve growth and expansion goals, providing total support to driving change to human assets, organizations and the businesses.

INVENIO accomplishes this with proprietary methodologies gleaned over the company's history providing clients with fully custom-designed solutions to solve management issues.

The INVENIO approach employs a holistic design philosophy to directly address and most effectively provide solutions to management issues, designed for total optimization by considering all the issues ranging from HR, OD and the business.
*In many companies, top management and management planning office are responsible for corporate strategy planning, the personnel division is responsible for personnel management systems, and the HRD division is responsible for HRD and OD, each separately.

Indeed, it may be most effective to isolate HR and OD from business decisions especially in peaceful times with unquestioned strategy and little need for change.

Yet in today's climate of dynamic globalization and innovation where a company's strategy may need dramatic change, separate treatment of HR or organizational development from management strategy can easily result in misalignment across the organization and around the global enterprise.
INVENIO's solution design includes repetitive dialogues with stakeholders in company management, planning, HR and on the front line.

When alignment is amiss, organizations are prone to stakeholders having different views on the need for reform and the direction it should take. There will also be varying degrees of commitment towards the new initiatives.

Thorough communications with key stakeholders allow us to identify true management issues to align stakeholders with the new direction.


INVENIO may employ one of its three proprietary methodologies introduced below to find best solutions to management issues.

1. Learning Design & Educe

Learning Design & Educe is a key service proposition in our HR and OD practice.

The methodology differs from conventional teaching whereby instructors impart knowledge while participants are passive to the learning process. INVENIO engages participants on a discovery of autonomous learning for new knowledge, viewpoints and thinking. The INVENIO Learning Design is our proven methodology for designing the learning process and training atmosphere for effective and efficient learning. Educe is our methodology to draw out the maximum of the participants' potential (thinking power, leadership, etc.) and help them with problem setting and creative solution building. The tag line to INVENIO “Discover the Potential for Leadership” embodies this philosophy.

INVENIO's Learning Design & Educe methodology is critical to realize our high quality Action Learning® programs.

Action Learning®

INVENIO has been adding its own improvements to Action Learning, a methodology for training senior management used widely throughout Europe and the US.

Participants are assigned to play the role of management and tackle their company's key management issues, developing and proposing creative solutions. INVENIO educers guide the process through coaching and interventions, bringing vast experience in strategy formation and business development, and plainly imparting the latest tools for management issue analysis and framework for strategy building.

The outcomes of these training programs include swift implementation of progressive ideas to revamp existing businesses, accelerate growth, and develop new products and new markets. Some of the outcomes of the training programs were implemented even before the end of the programs. actionLearning

INVENIO Action Learning® is a growth process where participants initiate action and learn from experience. The methodology surpasses the limits of the management consulting approach. Consultants try to trigger change by logically figuring out solutions and suggestions them to top management. However, without buy-in, logic and persuasion don't move people.

Through Action Learning®, INVENIO nurtures the client's next generation leaders to commit as change leaders by letting them tackle the real issues, develop solutions and propose changes to top management as the bearers of transformation.


Management Simulations

Real world management is difficult to learn in a classroom. INVENIO challenges this notion with its Management Simulation: modules, learning tools to sharpen management perspective and strategic thinking that simulate the experience and dynamism of management decisions. Via a strategic partnership with Celemi, a world-class provider of management simulation training tools, INVENIO links these tools with interventions in HRD and OD.

Management Simulation


Celemi Inc.

Founded in 1985 in Sweden, Celemi designs and distributes solutions for management inventory development. Using hands-on, discovery-oriented learning methods, Celemi high-end management simulation tools are the global standard used by leading companies around the world and over 2.5 million business executives to date.

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2. Communication Design and Alignment

How can you deliver the top management message to the bottom of the hearts of each member in the company and change their behaviors? Communication Design by INVENIO is a methodology to ensure it does.

No matter how grand the announcement, stakeholders need to digest these initiatives and embark on behavioral change, a process that includes making it part of their own vernacular.

INVENIO's Communication Design is a structured dialogue between top management and line managers, between line managers and staff, and between staff members. The process challenges existing mindsets and encourages participants to internalize management messages.

Through this process, the abstractions of corporate vision and management philosophy are translated into specific implications for members of each BU, and aligning the beliefs and values of employees.

Dialogue Mat

The INVENIO Dialogue Mat, utilized at discussion workshops, is designed for clients to meet OD and organizational change objectives. The dialogue mat depicts a series of dialogue processes that accommodate various content such as corporate mission, management philosophy, code of conduct, historical management decisions (successes and failutres), forward-looking vision or management plans.

Typically, these workshops are incorporated into client WAY Management or Post Merger Integration initiatives, reaching employees in Japan and overseas and helping to cascade corporate philosophies throughout the global organization.

INVENIO's Dialogue Mats synchronize employee beliefs and trigger behavioral change on management issues, foster cultural change, or provide the organizational framework for management initiatives and internal branding.

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3. Assessment Design and Development

Assessment Survey Tools

INVENIO employs various assessment methods via Survey Tools to identify HR and organizational issues, then designs executive and leader workshops to discuss in depth what organizational change is needed in response to the new external environment and strategic direction, and how to initiate change in employee mindset and behavior.

  • HR Assessment Tools (Examples)
  • ・Caliper ProfileCaliper Profile identifies intrinsic motivation and latent behavior (natural predisposition) providing insight into how employees may respond in unknown or indeterminate environments and situations as well as enabling a standardized evaluation for global employees.
  • ・Hogan AssessmentThe Hogan Assessment is a personality test to measure leadership strength, risk behavior under pressure and value sets. The test has a track record with the majority of Fortune 500 companies and in talent management applications.
  • ・Denison Leadership Development Survey (DLDS)DLDS is a model based on forefront research on the relationship between performance indices and organizational culture, enabling organizational culture and leadership to be evaluated from identical factors. The survey is used widely by Fortune 500 companies and other global companies.
  • Organizational Culture Assessment Tools (Examples)
  • ・Denison Organizational Development Survey (DOCS) For over 30 years, DOCS is a model based on forefront research on the relationship between performance indices and organizational culture. Used by Fortune 500 companies and over 1000 global companies, DOCS survey tools allow benchmarking between clients and global companies.
  • ・Competing Values Framework (CVF) CVF is a framework for assessing organizations, developed by Michigan University based on two axes: internal vs. external focus, and flexibility vs. control.

    CVF is used at workshops for a relatively simple discussion of which direction the organizational culture should be strengthened. The framework is useful when company-wide surveys are impractical.

Assessment Via Assessment Center Method (Observational Assessment)

The Assessment Center Method utilizes an assessor during INVENIO's Action Learning® or management simulations to observe and assess participants in terms of leadership and strategic thinking.

Assessment Concept Example During A Management Simulation

An advanced management simulation is used as a basis of discussion, providing participants with a pseudo management experience that requires hard decision-making and consensus building. During the process, participants strengthen management perspective and thinking while being assessed as future leaders of management. アセスメントコンセプト

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