Strengthen Cohesion of Global Group

Strengthen Cohesion of Global Group

Background & Issues

The client is a world leading manufacturer of basic materials with a globally-successful business. To accelerate growth, management seeks to abandon its vertical business orientation in favor of synergies across the business to promote new, value-added customer solutions

Management has embarked on this direction with a new global strategy, philosophy, vision and values. The client seeks to restructure the organization on a global level to forge greater cohesion as a group and to execute these new initiatives

To overcome organizational profit momentum, different operating environments of the existing businesses, and various value systems are operations around the world, the client engaged INVENIO to help foster buy-in among its global office business leaders who management depend on to execute the new direction


The leaders selected for the program from each business globally are the keys to strengthening cohesion, group-wide perspective and cascading the new strategy, philosophy, vision and values. The program is designed to help participants:


Leaders from global locations - top management, high potentials and expatriates
English, Chinese, Japanese
Three-day alliance programs conducted in a centralized area for each region