As a Change Agent providing HRD and OD solutions that directly impact client growth, INVENIO takes special effort to know the growth dynamics impacting our clients better than they do! Our experience and expertise in management consulting gives us insight to articulate management challenges, structurally understand the key factors for growth, define critical issues that impede performance and uncover the hidden strengths necessary to win. Our qualified facilitators are willing to challenge participants regardless of their position within the company, with expert experience, insight and knowledge to push the client for the best solutions

Amid constant change of the competitive business environment, INVENIO relies on these skills and knowhow to help clients discover a path for growth and develop a scenario to achieve it. This is the INVENIO Value Proposition. But our work doesn’t end there. INVENIO also provides critical support in the execution of their business strategy, as any given strategy is only as good as the people and the organization that execute it

We do this by partnering with clients and developing the people and organizational structure required to execute the strategy flawlessly. Our mission isn’t complete until we support each critical individual to understand the changes they need to make and seeing these changes implemented into behavior

The core competence of INVENIO is the development of learning processes that lead participants - through the use of insights and learning - to identify and understand the path to better performance. Applying a comprehensive approach of helping clients develop a growth scenario then making HR and organizational transformations to secure the execution is an important reason clients choose us

Give us a call today. Let us show you what we can do to help you achieve your growth performance goals !!

Board Members

Satoshi Doi, CEO

INVENIO is the brainchild of Satoshi Doi, founder and specialist in leadership and management development, growth strategies and Action Learning® solutions of client issues in real time

Doi began his career at Bank of Tokyo (now Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ) and moved quickly to McKinsey & Co. (Japan) as a consultant in the telecommunications, software and information system practices

Later, Doi left McKinsey to start his own management consulting firm and in July 1997, he founded Proacteer (now INVENIO), originally operating the Intelligence Business Professional School. In 17 years of operation under his vision, INVENIO has emerged as a leading HR and OD change agent operating in Japan

Doi has a BA in Economics of The University of Tokyo, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan Business School

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Masami Takai PhD, Director

Masami Takai, a director of Invenio since 2002, is an expert in R&D talent development, technology and business model innovation, leadership and organizational culture change and an active proponent of the company's Action Learning® methodology

Takai started his career developing aircraft guidance systems at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries before joining McKinsey & Co (Japan) as a top management consultant in high-tech and other industry practices

Later, Takai moved to AT&T (Japan) as head of the multi-media business, then to Echelon Corporation (Japan) as EVP in charge of developing the Japanese market for LonWorks, the company’s world-renowned proprietary control network platform

Takai received a BS in Applied Mathematics from The University of Tokyo, a MS and a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University where he developed an AI program to semi-automatically design aircraft that was eventually purchased by NASA

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Advisory Board

Shunsuke Takahashi, Advisor

Shunsuke Takahashi is a pioneer in HR management in Japan specializing in HRD and career planning

Takahashi began his career with McKinsey & Co (Japan) specializing in business strategy and organizational design for major Japanese corporate clients. Later, he joined Watson Wyatt, a leading human capital consulting firm, where he was promoted to CEO and led the development, planning and execution of the HR vision and performance systems for leading Japanese MNCs and Fortune 500 companies operating in Japan

In 1997, Takahashi started his own practice and, since 2000, has been professor at Keio University, Graduate School of Media and Governance, continuing his HR research at the Career Resource Laboratory

Takahashi received a BS from The University of Tokyo, School of Aeronautical Engineering, and an MBA from Princeton University

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