Satoshi Doi, CEO

INVENIO is the brainchild of Satoshi Doi, founder and specialist in leadership and management development, growth strategies and Action Learning® solutions of client issues in real time

Doi began his career at Bank of Tokyo (now Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ) and moved quickly to McKinsey & Co. (Japan) as a consultant in the telecommunications, software and information system practices

Later, Doi left McKinsey to start his own management consulting firm and in July 1997, he founded Proacteer (now INVENIO), originally operating the Intelligence Business Professional School. In 17 years of operation under his vision, INVENIO has emerged as a leading HR and OD change agent operating in Japan

Doi has a BA in Economics of The University of Tokyo, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan Business School

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Masami Takai PhD, Director

Masami Takai, a director of Invenio since 2002, is an expert in R&D talent development, technology and business model innovation, leadership and organizational culture change and an active proponent of the company's Action Learning® methodology

  Takai started his career developing aircraft guidance systems at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries before joining McKinsey & Co (Japan) as a top management consultant in high-tech and other industry practices

Later, Takai moved to AT&T (Japan) as head of the multi-media business, then to Echelon Corporation (Japan) as EVP in charge of developing the Japanese market for LonWorks, the company’s world-renowned proprietary control network platform

  Takai received a BS in Applied Mathematics from The University of Tokyo, a MS and a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University where he developed an AI program to semi-automatically design aircraft that was eventually purchased by NASA

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Tomohiro Hirai, Program Development Director

Since joining Invenio in 2003, Tomo Hirai has spearheaded the OD consulting and workshop practice for Invenio as well as designing customized HRD solutions including corporate university programs

Hirai specializes in strategy cascading, vision implementation, value penetration and internal branding and communication. He also facilitates strategy workshops with senior leaders and competitive intelligence, leadership communication, coaching and marketing workshops for managers and above

Prior to joining Invenio, Hirai was production director of UK-based Strategic Information Provider in charge of the research team for Japan. He has consulted various market communication projects as well as developing corporate communication events

Hirai earned a double major BA from the University of Oregon in Sociology and International Studies, and an MA in Social and Political Theories from the University of Warwick, UK

Hirai is director of the Japan Society of Competitive Intelligence

Toru Yokoyama, Educer

Toru Yokoyama is an expert in leadership, strategy, and marketing workshops for Invenio

Yokoyama began his career with the advertising firm Dentsu Inc. eventually rising to the corporate planning office where he helped form group strategy, OD and HR development policy as head of the global HR department

Yokoyama has broad experience in HRD planning, and was responsible for Dentsu’s management and global HR development strategies, including time spent at Dentsu Beijing in charge of national staff management development

Yokoyama received his BA in Economics from The University of Tokyo

Osamu Ito, PhD, CEO, Essentia Co., Ltd.

Osamu Ito is an expert on growth strategies, market analysis & forecasting

Ito began his career as Director of Special Developments at Matsushita Electric Industrial Information & Communications Laboratory, moving later to McKinsey & Co (Japan) as a consultant and then to the Japan Research Institution, Technology Strategy Cluster, as Senior Research Engineer

In 2005, Ito formed Essentia Co., Ltd. providing strategic, management and technology consulting and investing in emerging businesses and R&D of The Neuroscience of Language

Ito has a BS in Engineering from The University of Tokyo, a MS degree from MIT and a PhD in Engineering from The University of Tokyo

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Masahiro Nakagushi, Independent Prospectus Designer (COMPANY)

Masahiro Nakagushi is an expert on strategy, market analysis and vision development training

Nakagushi began his career as a consultant and project manager with McKinsey & Co (Japan) in the foods, distribution, communications, chemicals and machinery practices providing support on new business development, marketing and business strategies and organizational change

Later, Nakagushi joined the creative production house, River & Creek Co., Ltd as head of the strategic planning office and professional education center, involved in vision building, offshore strategy development, IR and M&A. He has been a freelance Prospectus Designer since 2003

Nakagushi has a masters degree from the University of Kyoto

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Seiji Kanno, CEO, Buona Vita, Co., Ltd.

Seiji Kanno is an expert in marketing and an active user of Invenio’s Action Learning® methodology to help senior managers and leaders solve client solutions in real time

Kanno began his career with Nestle Japan working on package designs, advertising, promotion and market research eventually as product manager for Nescafe Excella. He then moved to McKinsey & Co (Japan) as a consultant responsible for sales and business strategies and process engineering of new product development for trading, banking and apparel manufacturing clients

Later, Kanno moved to Buena Vista Japan (part of the Disney Group) as Marketing Director and then to Imagene KK, the strategic office for the Tokyo Coca Cola Bottling Company, as head of new business development

In 1999, Kanno founded Buona Vita Co., Ltd. as CEO, management consultant and strategic coach where he provides corporate transformation consulting and strategic advice to venture businesses

Kanno received his BA in law from Waseda University and an MBA from IMD

Ken Kusonoki, PhD, Professor, Hitotsubashi Univesity

Ken Kusonoki is Professor at the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University. He was educated at the Graduate School of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University. He had been with the Faculty of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University from 1992 to 2000 and joined the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS) in 2000. He specializes in competitive strategy

Kusonoki has published many books including Competitive Strategy as a Story (2010, Toyo Keizai, in Japanese). His research and thought on strategy and innovation also appear in Reading Strategies (2013, President-sha, in Japanese), Logic of Management Sense (2013, Shincho Shinsyo, in Japanese), Dynamics of Knowledge, Corporate Systems and Innovation (2010, with co-authors, Springer), and many books and articles

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Akihiro Tamaki, CEO, SiFA, Co., Ltd.

Akihiro Tamaki is an expert in finance, accounting, business strategy and business plans

Tamaki began his career in the New York office of Price Waterhouse (now Pricewaterhouse Coopers) performing financial audits and consulting for US and Japanese MNCs, later moving to the Total Service Department of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Japan Group) assisting pre-IPO companies

Later, he joined Capital Management, Inc., a management consulting and M&D advisory firm, then Innovation & Initiative, Co., Ltd. (now Invenio)

  In 2006, Tamaki formed SiFA Co., Ltd., an HRD consulting firm, as CEO specializing on business issue identification through financial analysis and strategy development support

Tamaki received his BA in sociology from Rikkyo University and his MBA from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business. He is licensed CPA in the State of Colorado.

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Mick Brooks, MD & Principal Consultant, Interactive Business Simulations Pte, Ltd.

Mick Brooks is a specialist in multinational financial and management

  Brooks began his career at Coopers & Lybrand (now part of Price Waterhouse Coopers) auditing public companies, before moving to Reuters where he worked in finance in Bahrain and Hong Kong, and then as country managers in the Philippines and Malaysia. Later, he joined Interactive Business Simulations, a Singapore-based company specializing in enhancing business acumen through board-based competitive simulations, where he is MD and principal consultant

His clients have included Accenture, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Cisco Systems, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Matsushita-Panasonic, Kodak, SAP, Bayer, Jotun, 3M and Shell

Brooks is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales